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Mon, 21 Jul 2014 06:16:32 GMT

Part-Time Online Currency Trading Options
While there are plenty who take on online currency trading as a full-time job, the forex market presents a lot of opportunities for individuals who want a telecommute position or those who want to make extra income with a part-time job. Some even say that ...

Thu, 17 Jul 2014 22:29:20 GMT

The Volatility of India's Rupee Declines to 3-Year Low as Monsoon Rains Increase
“The recent news about monsoon revival, easing inflation and rising industrial production is positive,” Vikas Babu, a foreign-exchange trader at Andhra Bank in Mumbai told Bloomberg News. “The market was largely lackluster today. The rupee gained initially ...

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Forex Trading Tips and Tricks

Forex traders who have been around the block once or twice naturally glean a lot of forex related info; they know what information is important and what they can dismiss as irrelevant.  Forex newbie can certainly benefit from these FX tips and tricks, but even an old-timer might learn a thing or two.

Scam warning:  Many unscrupulous forex brokerage websites will attempt to lure you in with cash deposit matching offers or the promise of reduced fees.  They know that once theyve snagged your attention youre as good as caught.  Read the fine print.  Know exactly who you are dealing with, where theyre from, what protections they offer you and what to expect from them. 

What turns ordinary into extraordinary? If youve found a forex trading system that you feel comfortable in trading, congratulations! That was the easy part. Whats trickier is developing a trading strategy that will consistently work. A good system is one that allows you to generate profits consistently, even with a low draw down; finding one that does just that should be your goal.

Experience (a.k.a. the best teacher( is important, but not absolutely necessary to successful forex trading.  The old timers might disagree, but the fact is all you need is a good trading plan that you can trade consistently and the ability to disassociate your emotions from your forex trading.

There should be no sin or shame in asking for help; even experienced traders need a little assistance now and then.  Your broker should offer 24/7 customer service, either through instant messaging, email or phone access.

And if the help you need is more theoretical, you shouldnt hesitate to look for help in the form of a mentor who can guide you to the right answers.  Once youve found that mentor, whether it is a human being or an informative website, latch on and hold tight because their service can be invaluable.